Employer stock contributions properly structured for prohibited transaction provisions of ERISA

Independent Fiduciary Services

Name Title
Ciara A. Burnham Chief Executive Officer
William E. Ryan President and Chief Fiduciary Officer
Otis A. Sinnott Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer
John M. Matelis CFA Managing Director and Chief Financial Analyst
Lori E. Bostrom Managing Director and Chief Legal Officer
Norman P. Goldberg Vice Chairman
Alan D. Lebowitz Senior Advisor
David A. Cohen Esq. Managing Director
William N. Glasgow Managing Director
Gloria E. Pollack Esq. Managing Director
Mayer B. Bick Managing Director
Eileen E. Kanner Senior Vice President, Relationship Manager
Dominica Lawson Senior Vice President, Operations Manager
Richard C. Murray Senior Vice President, Relationship Manager, Real Estate Specialist
Justin D. Wiser CFA Senior Vice President, Financial Analyst
Eugene D. Clifford Vice President, Relationship Manager
Ivan A. Flowers Vice President, Proxy Coordinator
Myra L. Garcia Vice President, Business Support Manager
Manuel D. Rojo Vice President, Relationship Manager
Demi P. Tupua Vice President, Relationship Manager
Delores Y. Brown Assistant Vice President, Executive Assistant
Eric Fisher Assistant Vice President, Financial Analyst
Martha O. Flores Assistant Vice President, Administrator
Mary Makedon Assistant Vice President, Administrator
Cleopatra Marcus Assistant Vice President, Administrator
Sruthi Mylavarapu CFA Assistant Vice President
Stephen M. Rosa CFA Assistant Vice President
Kyla Smith Assistant Vice President, Fiduciary Counsel